Do you think I actually like him?

First of all I want to explain to you my lifestyle when it come to guys.

I am like the female version of a player.not a slut. A player haha but really I date guys but would rather not get too attached. Most hook ups guys will call me after and be like "so what does this mean now" and I would reply "your a cool guy.but I don't see this going anywhere". I don't know if its because I don't trust guys or because I just don't get attatched to people but its how I am.

Now here is my problem, there is this guy I hang out with most weekends I have always kindof had a thing for him but never said anythign about it. He is not really very good looking but he is hilarious and just so fun to be with. Recently I told his best friend that I have feelings for him and he freaked out saying " wait you actually have feelings?" so he tells the guy I liek of course and he said that he like me too and wanted to hook up. But the thing is I really don't want to hook up with him. I want to be close to him, I wouldn't mind if I never kissed him as long as I could hang out with him on weekends. Do you think this means I actually really like him? I am completely un connected with my emotional side. But I feel like I shouldn't just hook up with him. What do you think? please help I am hopeless with interpreting feelings.


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  • hmm well it sounds like this guy is special, different than the other guys who hooked up with. it's okay to hook up with him, but if you want a relationship you should tell him. but if you wantt to just hang out with him on the weekends, you should. try hooking up with him and see if you want it to become a relationship or just stay friends/FWB. He sounds like the full package though from your description. looks, personality, and the fact that ur comfortable with him. take a chance with the hook up to see if you want to be more.

  • What's the rush? Just hang out at first (a.k.a dating) and see where it goes. MOst likely I think you'll end up kissing and you'll probably feel something for him. If there's a vibe when hanging out.well that's what it's all about (a.k.a. attraction). Just hang out and see where it goes. Who cares what you're like with others, this is one you like so go for it. Date him and hope for the best. Don't think of it as 'hooking up'. What does that mean anyway? So.hang out -->get close -->kiss -->hope for the best!

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes :)

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