We hang out, but don't really talk?

Okayy, the guy I like has the same free period as me, so I always spend at least 30 minutes with him everyday. We're both new students are our school. I like him and everyone (including him) knows it. Today I was sitting in a chair is one of the school's galleries and he came up and sat down in my chair with me (it was a small chair!). He does this all the time and always gives me hugs whenever he sees me. Needless to say, I love all this, but we don't actually talk a lot. I'm kind of shy, but I always try to talk but mostly when we hang out we just sit around. We've never addressed what our relationship is, but lately I've been feeling more confident and want to ask him out.

My question for you guys is, should I ask him out? Or should I just keep quiet and hope he continues to spend time with me? What are some ways I can make myself seem more interesting? I don't want him to lose interest in me =[


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  • If you act yourself, smile, and try and talk and open up with him more, I think the relationship will really work out. Just be yourself, it's working so far, right?

    If you do want to ask him out, you can do that without making it official. Just ask him if he wants to hang out some time or see a movie, that way if he says, "No", you haven't made fool of yourself by asking him to be your boyfriend.


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