Going OUT on a date please?

i have been seeing this guy for a while but recently we've been just hanging out at his house watching movies and ya know. how do I get him to ask me OUT like to dinner or something?


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  • Is he short on cash? That could be a reason why he does dates like that. Do you feel like he invites you over and all you do is fool around? Because if that's true you deserve much better than that.

    I honestly don't think you should worry about how he'll respond to your request. It is something that is bothering you, you can't bottle it up because communication is key in a relationship. Just tell him that you enjoy the movie dates, but you want to go out and do more things with him, form memories and have a good time outside of his house.

    See how he reacts, if he doesn't like the idea or isn't even willing to give it a shot, and he doesn't have good reason like no car or no money.. you should really consider what this man has to offer. You clearly have a want, and if this relationship is to work you need to see if he's willing to compromise and make you happy. Be sure to return the favor and come over his house to play video games and do things he wants.

    I hope it works out for you because I just realized that I need to talk with the girl I'm dating and let her know in a compassionate way my wants and needs. If she thinks I'm too demanding, so be it, let the relationship end.

    You're not asking for much, just like I'm not asking my girl for much. If they can't compromise for these little things, you and I need to seriously consider the type of person we're seeing.


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  • All you have to do is tell him. its not about what he wants to do all the time but about what you want to do too. If you never say anything, he is thinking your fine with it and when you do mention it to him and he has excuses for why he doesn't want too or barely does it, you can either accept that or move on to a guy who really wants to date you. Your in control of what happens and you just have to speak up and decide whether you want to put up with anything a man does. They cannot read our minds.