When do you think is a good time to start dating again??

I was in a 4 1/2 year relationship and we broke up a few months back and I ended up meeting this amazing guy who wants to take me out and stuff but I don't know if its to soon to start dating again, Me and this guy literally got out of the most serious relationships we have been in within days of each other and we both want to get back to dating again but I have had friends tell me that its way to soon to start dating anyone new, me and this guy both know our relationships with the people we broke up with are over for good seeing as we were both cheated on many times. When is a good time to start dating?


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  • Whenever it feels right. Go for it. He sounds like a cool guy. They don't grow on trees ya know.

    • I know they don't grow on trees lol I've dated many many bad apples and this guy is amazing and I have been told so from many of our friends and he treats me and my daughter like gold

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    • Well going slow is kinda a little late lol I started as his room mate, so we live together as for sex well we haven't yet but we have seen each other naked already, but we are still good friends no matter what and he's not trying to force me into anything he just kinda hints at when I'm ready to go faster he's waiting lol

    • I mean emotionally mainly. Sounds like a lucky guy.

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  • I was in a 7 year relationship. I started dating four months later. I don't think it was too soon. It all depends on the person and how they feel.