Desperate guy vs guy who doesn't care?

Which would girls prefer? A guy who laid it out, he was desperate and everything good and bad about being desperate he had. Or the guy who just didn't give much emotional or physical effort into things. Whether their relationship was going to go some where or not he just doesn't care and lets things be.

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Despite what most guys say it seems as though by poll results that girls would prefer the desperate guy. At least for now anyways, votes may shift in a few weeks. :)


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  • If a guy doesn't try...I really don't think there is a relationship there... At least he desperate guy is trying, he wants it to work. The guy who doesn't care cannot be told to care, and then he will do it. Meanwhile you can tell the desparate guy to tone it down, at least you know they care. I would choose the desparate guy because I've already don't the "guy who doesn't care" it drove me insane. I'm slightly high matenence and he required very little...It made me feel unwanted.


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What Girls Said 4

  • Although both of them are pretty bad, I chose the guy who doesn't care. I've run into a lot of creepy guys who were desperate and it freaked me out. Creepy doesn't neccessarily equal desperate but it's the image I get, so I try to stay away.

  • Well, you see, there is a nice in-between mark there. It's called 'normal' we don't want a desperate guy because that is a turn off, but we also do not want an a**hole. Although us girls seem to fall for the a**holes more often than not... both choices are not preferred in my opinion.

  • If a guy doesn't make a serious effort- I discard him right away and no second chance... The desperate guy may be not vey attractive but at least I'll give him a chance.

  • I want a normal guy, is that so much to ask for?


What Guys Said 3

  • If they worked on logic the desperate guy. The guy who doesn't care is going to do nothing special for them and is going to be an asshole and likely cheat on them. The desperate guy could get clingy in an annoying way, but that behavior can be slowly weened out especially since they won't be desperate after awhile.

    But, as we all know, women don't work on logic. It'll probably be "Guy who doesn't care"

    • @update: just cause they vote that way, doesn't mean they really would ACT that way :P it's really frustrating about most women hah.

  • you need a reality check

  • Re-word desperate as interested and trying too hard.

    Re-word guy who doesn't care as not interested at all.

    Girls will still pick guy #2. They like the abuse. So stop being a nice guy and treat girls like sh*t. It works. You have to cater to their wants.

    • Do you really believe this to be true?

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    • Scientific study after scientific study has shown girls are less interested the more interest you show them.


    • Times like this I f***ing hate women. I wish I was gay... if only that p**** wasn't so gooooood