If he hasn't called yet, will he? (Sorry it's long)

I feel a bit childish asking this simple, yet mind bending question, but I just need an outsiders advice.

I work at a chiropractor's office, and a new patient came in, and immediately I was drawn to him. I had to spend around 15 minutes alone in a room with him, and I was completely out of my element. I was stuttering, dropping things.. etc. Anyways, he seemed to be sort of the same way, smiling and laughing, but not knowing him personally, I had no way of knowing if he is just a weird guy in general. He did mention some outside information about him, though, about his home town and a few other things.

The second time he came in, I felt the same intense feeling as soon as I saw him. I don't remember ever feeling this way right of the bat. He was just as smiley as the first day, but the one on one visit was much much shorter. After that second day, he wasn't scheduled to come in for another 10 days. That next appointment was today. It drove me so nuts waiting that I promised myself I would give him my number, no matter what.

He came him today, and after his adjustment, I scheduled him for his next appointment, which happens to be yet another 10 days from now. He left the office, and after almost chickening out, I told myself I couldn't wait another 10 days and I went outside after him. He was in his car, but got out again when he saw me walking towards it. I apologized for making him get out of his car, but that I wanted to give him my number in case he wanted someone to show him around the city (he just moved here). For a second he just looked at me, then smiled and said "yeah definitely, thanks, Amber" and then as I was walking away he asked if I had texting (lame, I know). But I said yeah, and I went back inside.

Anyways, It's been around 7 1/2 hours since and I haven't received a call/text or anything. Do you guys still use that lame 2-3 day rule or is this guy just not interested?


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  • im fairly frustrated that I read that entire thing to find out that it has only been 8 hours since you talked to him

    • Haha. I'm sorry. I guess it is a little nuts to ask this soon. It's just that it's the first time I've EVER physically handed a guy my number, and any other time a guy may get it, he contacts almost immediately.

    • ur that hot, eh? ha ha jk, but I think men of class generally wait 2 days

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  • well its been 8 hours. think about what you will do in 8 hours. he might just be busy. try to get some sleep tonight

  • Hey Amber, it has only been hours since you saw this guy. He seems friendly so I say he will attempt to contact you.

    From a guy's perspective, I have nothing to lose especially it was you that made the move.

    Fill us in when he actually called.

    Good Luck.


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  • I think he's making his mind what to do... He needs to cool off... Give him another day. Or he will procrastinate till next appointment. That can happen too.

    I gave my number to a guy once, because I sensed that he was interested. He seemed to be very excited. He didn't call, but came back next day to tell me we should go out together. We set day and time. And he never showed up for our date.