Who do I choose? :(

Okay. so I've been indecisive for the longest time over this issue and it's really starting to stress me out. I have two ex boyfriends that I really love and I just can't pick between them. Ex #1 and I were together for about 2.5 years. He's my high school sweetheart. We got cutest couple in high school but that is surprising because everyone hated us together. We constantly fought and disagreed and broke up frequently just to get back together in the next few days. He lied to me for five months about kissing a girl and ever since then I just haven't trusted him. He also can't trust me because three seperate times when we broke up I talked to another guy. So. kind of common sense we don't belong together right? yeah that's what I finally realized about 8 months ago and we finally broke up. A bout a month after we broke up is where Ex#2 comes in. We had been friends for awhile but we suddenly started talking a lot more and talking lead into dating and then we were officcially together. I was so happy when I was wiih him because I never had to worry about anything. He is the perfect guy. Doesn't drink, doesn't smoke, plays a sport at my school, saving his virginity til marriage, very smart, and is going somewhere in life. He is definately a guy I know I could be with forever. He lives about an hour and a half away. I know he would be the obvious better choice but something holds me back. I always seem to have second thoughts with him. We only lasted about four months when I couldn't be with him anymore. I missed ex#1. a lot. And I was starting to get annoyed with ex#2. When we broke up I tried to get back with ex#1 but he still has trust issues with me especially because I got a real new boyfriend. So then I was like well maybe I do still need ex#2 and went back to him. Then ex#1 realized he's ready to try to work things out with me and now I'm stuck. They both are willing to work things out with me but I just don't know which one to choose? My family loves both guys. Please help. is ex#1 a lost cause? is ex#2 just a rebound boy? uggh.


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  • personally I don't like ex1 because it doesn't seem you have anything really there with him.

    but you need to clear your head.

    youve forgotten that your the girl. aren't the boys usually the ones on the chase?

    just don't stress. relax and let them come to you.

    if they are interested they will make the effort, if not your wasting your time.


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  • wow this is a tough situation. and I would have a tough job deciding too. but I would probably get back with the first guy because you were together for so long and that shows you had a real connection, and if he's finally ready to work things out then he's got to be really willing this time. I was with a guy for a little over a year and he broke up with me & started dating my best friend. not matter what though if he EVER gave me the chance I would be back with him in a heartbeat. whatever the reason was , once you fall in love with someone its giong to be pretty much impossible to get over them completely. and now he's ready. I would jump on it if I were you. everyone has trust issues and problems in their relationship. so don't feel like your the only one.he's willing. and you miss him.

    its an easy decision.