Online dating texting frequency during a pandemic?

Me and a guy matched on a dating app in February, but we couldn’t meet because of the coronavirus. At the start we were talking on the app, he would always take 2 days to reply. Now, we’ve been in lockdown for a while but now he takes 5-7 days to reply (by text not on the app)

When he does reply his messages are super long, about 200 words! Could it be that he’s lost interest now we haven’t been able to meet?

He did say last week ‘looking forward to meeting you after the lockdown.’ I sometimes see him active on the app once a week and I wonder if he’s talking to someone else he’s more interested, but would he talk about looking forward to meeting me and send long messages if he didn’t intend on meeting me?

Would a guy on a dating app keep messaging for over a month just to be polite?
Online dating texting frequency during a pandemic?
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