Difference between hanging out and dating?

Guys, how do you let a girl know that you're dating or just simply hanging out like friends do ?

I'm so confused !


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  • I know this answer is only for guys, but I am going to put in my opinion. You sound at the stage were you and the guy are holding hands, maybe kissing and always together? I might be wrong, but usually girls get confused at this point... that is usually when the "are we dating or just friends" question comes into play. From experience of myself and through friends I have realized that guy are confused obviously, but so are girls! lol. Anyways, some guys, depending on his character, are likely to lead someone on, but never date them. I mean go the whole way, even sex and just keep the relationship as a friendship rather then dating. A lot of guys are OK with this as odd as it seems. Now are these types of guys good to date, probably not. But, if you guys have been at this stage for a while, chances are he will never date you. You need to step up to the plate and ask him what's up...see what he says. Don't be shy, you need to take a little charge. I am sure he will like it. Some guys get turned on by a girl being in charge. Ok, but different scenario, if you guys literally just act like friends do. like hang out, watch movies, talk, ect. No kissing, holding hands or whatever else. then I would probably think you guys are literally just friends. If he is constantly flirting with you, or trying to do more with you then friends do, then ask him...just be like "hey, do you see us dating in the future" If you guys were dating, I am pretty sure it would be clear. Does he call you his "girlfriend" or his "girl" or just friend... I know its confusing, but you should honestly ask him. It would clear up a lot for you.


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  • To cut to the chase - If you're alone and at night, it's a date. If not, it's just hanging out :]


  • Are you flirting? Are you being intimate? There's no defined boundary. It's just a common sense thing.


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