Aren't most people supposed to have gotten their first kiss before age 25?

I'm a good looking guy but I just Haven't ever got a girlfriend yet. I'm just wondering since I've never kissed a girl yet, won't it be obvious to the girl that I haven't when I do get a girlfriend at this age? I can't change anything now but I'm wondering if I should tell the girl that I haven't ever kissed a girl before.

I know its pathetic that I haven't kissed a girl yet, but the truth is the truth.


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  • Well some find it pretty cute . You are worrying too much (: . Very few are there who are even virgins. And you did not even kiss ! I mean its truly amazing. Tell her :)


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  • I would just keep it to yourself and say it's been a long time since you've kissed a girl. That way your inexperience becomes out-of-practice. There's nothing wrong with being 25 and not having kissed a girl. I'm sure many girls won't mind and will be glad to teach you.