No date for prom, what can I do?

junior prom was annonced about 2 months back and I knew there would be a prom this year so I have been trying to get a girlfriend to go with far before that. prom is in less than 2 weeks and I still Haven't gotten a girlfriend. I've been single for almost a year and my last girlfriend and I only dated for less than a week. I have tried 3 times with girls so far this school year and I'm starting to feel hopeless. I just can't get a girlfriend no matter what I do. sh*tty right? what can I do to get a girlfriend because what I have been doing clearly isn't working. any chance I could before prom even though its such short notice. I don't want to miss out on prom but no chance I'm going with out a date, I don't want to be that one guy just chillen in a corner


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  • you could still have a good time without a girlfriend as your date.. two weeks is kinda soon, so jumping into a relationship that means something will be hard to find. Go with a close girl frieeeeennndd, and have fun regardless :)

    • should I try to find a girl I might like then get as close as I can in a few days then ask her?

    • yeaa sure, possible girls that you may have interest in will work too :)

      but I wouldn't want to ask them to prom too soon, just in case you change your mind

      about the person

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  • Prom is not worth stressing over. It's silly to get a girlfriend just for that, anyway. Learn to be happy with yourself single before you go after any more girls. No one's going to be interested if you're really that desperate.

    • im not that desperate, I want a girlfriend but I have high expectaions and I don't want to settle just because I want to be in a relationship. I could probably get someone to go out with me if I lowered my expectations but I really don't want to. but of course that's probably part of the problem

    • Well, from your description, you sounded pretty desperate. What you're describing now is a totally different problem, but I'd have a similar answer. Don't lower your standards just for prom. That is seriously not worth it.

    • oh well I'm not really good at discribing my problems. but yeah, I'm not desperate enough to go for a belowe average girl if I myself am average. I feel like I should be aiming within my range. so I geuss il take a pass on this prom and maybe hit up senior prom? unless anything good happens in the next week

  • It doesn't need to be your girlfriend. Prom is the last night of High School, so it's there to party with your friends and everything :)

    Just ask a girl that you get along with! Or go solo, or with your guy friends.

    I went to my prom with my gay friend and another girl as a trio and we had a blast.

  • If you just want a date for the prom, just keep looking. There are probably many girls stressing over the same issue.

    • well the way I feel about prom is that its supposed to be a more personal thing with a girl youve been in a relationship with not a thing that single guys really go to just to say they did

    • Then you might just have to accept that it won't happen the way you want it to. Even if you find a girl tomorrow it won't be much of a relationship two weeks from now.

    • thats a good point I geuss.i suppose my veiw of a prom is just elated because of seeing a plenty of romantic comedies where they just fall in love in like 4 days and every thing works out perfectly. I mean I know its a move but why can't life be like that?

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  • you could solo dance!

  • Well, you don`t HAVE to go with a girlfriend. My prom is coming up to and (if I get the guts to ask), I`ll be taking one of my friends who is a girl. I don`t think you need to take a girlfriend to have a good time, even though it would be fun.
    And if you happen to go alone, yeah it would suck, but at the same time, you won`t have to worry about giving someone else a good time. It would take some of the stress off. Instead, you`d get to focus on making sure YOU have a good time.
    But I know it definitely feels better to go with a date though. To be honest, I`d feel like a loser if I went alone too. So maybe if you have any good friends who are girls, you could ask them. You don`t need to have a girlfriend accompany you. Just take someone who you`d have a good time with.
    I`m really not good with this stuff but I hope I helped. Good Luck!