Torn in between the three?

Recently, I've been having mix feelings about 3 differnt guys. Two of them been in my classes ever since freshmen year and now I'm a junior. While the other one has already graduated last year so I just don't what to do. But the one who has graduated seems like kinda my type. He's a really cool, down to earth dude. I've had a crush on him sophomore year but then I stop liking him after he left because he's not there anymore. He is one of my friends on facebook but not the other two. I know it kinda seems like I like him more but it isn't. The other two, which they are juniors also, seems like they are so confused of who to like...well one of them, the other one is a jock so I could care less. But anyway to make this long story short, I think I like all three of them but I can't. This was probably boring you but I just need some advice...please:(


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  • wow! waht happend after all?

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