Men, do you want your girlfriend to help pay for stuff when you are dating or not?

If you have been dating awhile, do yo want your girl to offer to help pay for stuff or not. How should she go about doing this?


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  • In the beginning he might treat you, but once you've been a couple for a while, if you haven't already started paying your own way, then you should. It'll mean the difference between you being wife material and him thinking you're using him as a meal ticket or being a gold digger. You should treat him every other date, I think.

    • How do I go about that? He automatically says "no, I will take care of it" when I say "you want to split this?" Should I just insist and pay anyway?

    • Yes, you should insist.

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  • Yes. She should be with me for my company like I am with her and not because she is getting a free ride. Men and women are equal and all that...

    How you should go about it? Insist you pay for the meal/your half or next round of drinks or whatever you're doing.


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  • My experience is that most guys these days like equality in a relationship. And that’s what I want, too. That means that both pay for stuff. I do it like this, one night he pays the drinks, the next day I pay for dinner. At the same time, guys I dated liked to pay most of the time. I think they liked that I usually wanted to pay at least my half, so they’ve got the feeling I don’t think they have to pay for me, it was like it makes them want to pay even more…

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