What's going on??

I added this guy on myspace on Monday. Right when he got online, he added me and messaged me right away. 5 mins into messaging each other, he gave me his number and told me to text him. So I did. We texted each other for about 2 hours that night. He asked me why I was still single and I told him, and I asked him, he said it was because I wasn't his girlfriend. He contently called me cute, and all that. He asked me what I was doing this weekend, and I told him I was going to a football game Friday and that was it. He asked me if I was hinting something, and I texted back saying "maybe =)". So the next day, he didn't make a move, so I did. And he said "maybe" and that he was shy. We texted each other a lot. Since we go to different schools. He would text me during his lunch. He contently flirted with me. Then tonight, I texted him. And he texted back and I knew something was different about him. He kept his texts messages short. Which was weird because his texts are usually really long. He usually all happy and today he seemed all depressed and sad.

does he still like me?

Or is it just one of those days?


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  • When he shows signs of "not being himself" give him a little space.

    You never know what's going on. He may just be stressed by the day, tired, or just plainly not in the mood for texting, ect.

    There's no need to jump to conclusions.

    You may also bring up the fact that he seems different and ask if anything is wrong.

    If he says he's feeling down, console him.

  • u could ask him what has him feeling down or if he's not into you anymore. if you really want an answer just ask him straight out. no one else can tell you if he likes you or not