I don't know what a date is? is she being serious?

I asked this girl to get coffee with me on saturday.. her response was "Its a date"(we were texting) she flirts with me at work from time to time but I am still not sure if she wants to be more than friends. what did she mean by that? Could she have meant it just as a friendly get together?


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  • The phrase "It's a date" usually just means "It's arranged then" for that particular day. It doesn't necessarily mean that you are having a romantic date.

    But so what? You're getting coffee with her, get to know her over the coffee, see if you click. And if you do, ask her out on a real date, and see what she says?

    Don't make the mistake of trying to be her friend first, or you'll find yourself in the friend zone.

    • "Its arranged then" is what I was thinking but I guess my follow up question is "do you think it could just be friendly? or is it certainly more. I just want to know what mindset I shold have going in.

      P.S you are right about the friedn zone thing

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  • When you go on this date(bc this is a date), you will be able to tell just by how she acts. is she nervous? Is she flirting more? Does she ask you questions tryin to get to know you? Compliments are a plus but yeah since she has been flirtin with you at wrk, she is lettin you know she likes you. However, you can misinterpret a person and she could just be a flirtacious type of girl but you'll be able to tell by the things she says.


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  • She wanted you to clarify how YOU interpret the date, friendly or more.

    • what do you mean?

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    • but she didn't put a question mark?

    • Ah. I couldn't tell you. Go on the date and find out.