If you almost never see her in person, can you ask her online?

OK, so there's this girl I sometimes see at school. This week I've seen her once for like 10 minutes. We didn't get to talk a lot, mainly about calculus (she had an exam and I answered some questions she had). I wanted to ask her for coffee, but the timing wasn't great and there was this annoying guy next to us (the type that always has to talk about his opinion on everything). We both seemed annoyed by him, but I know she was nervous for her test and didn't want to bother her more by ''asking her out''.

Most of our conversations do happen on MSN. However, it seems like I always have to initiate. I've probably initiated 6-7 times while she did twice (once was because I initiated and she had to go, then came back a few hours later)(Our conversation do last however, last night, we talked for like 3h30). Because I don't get the opportunity to see her a lot, I'm wondering if it would be a bad idea to ask her for coffee on MSN this week-end or something. Say something like ''It's sad that we get to talk so much by MSN but can't seem to ever get to see each other for real. What would you think of us getting coffee to talk?''

So, should I just wait and try to ask her another time in person (which could be a week or more from now, unless I go to her job and look creepy like hell), or try to just drop it in one of our MSN conversation? The way we talk to each other pretty much shows that we like each other, but I wouldn't want to risk losing my chance by asking her this way.

And to be clear, I just want to talk and get to know her, something casual. Probably ask her for a real date afterward though


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  • I say you should just go for it. If that's the way you guys usually talk, she shouldn't have a problem with it. I'm guessing her answer, whatever it is, would be the same either way. Good luck!


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