Trying to figure if a girl really likes me?

Okay so there is this particular girl that I like. There are times when I think she likes me by the way she acts. then there are other times when we are talking that it doesn't seem that she wants anything to go much further then friends. The thing about this is that with all of the girls that I have dated this always happens. I don't know what I must do for them to not see me as the friend, but as the guy that they can be attracted to.

Also I don't know if the whole me wonder if she likes me or not is due to lack of self-esteem and me overthinking things. I need some help on this and how to decipher if a girl really likes me. The last couple girls that I actually told that I liked them just ran the other way faster then I have ever seen.


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  • First how does she normally act around you? If she is flirting with you and saying things such as "we should hang out sometime" or trying to get your attention then I would say there is an interest there that maybe a little more than friendship. On the other hand though she may just want to be friends. It all depends on how she really acts around you and how you respond to it.

  • hmmm I would say that she could possibly like you, but may be she is still trying to see if you ,like her


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