Is giving her space my only option?

I've gone out with this girl a few times, we never kissed because she was nervous so I thought I had to take things slow.

Then I asked her out last weekend, she said she had to go do something with her family she had planned so she couldn't make it.

Asked her out on Wednesday for the next weekend over the phone, no response left a voicemail. Texted her the next day with details, no response.

I guess she's not that into me, but with the way she was acting on our last date, cuddling and footsie and holding hands, and she opened up to me about her family and friends, she even said her mom wanted me to go have dinner at her place, so I thought things were going well.

Then she disappears out of nowhere, I only called and texted once, figured if she wanted to respond she would have.

Nothing I can do but leave her alone, and hopefully she'll contact me.. Does that ever happen much? Do some girls just get worried if things are getting too serious like meeting the folks and stuff, and I scared her off?

Anyway, I'll give her space. What are the chances she'll get in contact with me.. or is it just a lost cause more than likely.

3 dates, planning for fourth before she went off the radar.


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  • You've asked some good questions there, like how often girls get scared off etc, which I'm interested to see the answers to. Unfortunately I can't really help you there due to my limited dating experience (I was with one girl from 15-21 years old, with a few breaks and little bits of dating, but basically not much dating with many girls. Anyway...) But I'll give you my thoughts anyway and hope they help somehow...

    Don't give up completely. Maybe she genuinely was just busy. I'd say that asking someone on a 4th date via voicemail isn't the best thing, but it's not that horrific either.

    So try to contact her again. Maybe leave it a day or 2. and if she doesn't reply, just send a casual text like 'hey, how's things?' or whatever, rather than trying to plan another 'date'. just chat a bit more first, then see if she wants to meet up again, but perhaps more just meeting up to see each other rather than another specific date. You can't just 'date' forever. That's my advice anyways.

    Hope this helps a bit. by the way this is just my opinion, other people might disagree completely.

    Good luck and hope it works out for the best whatever :)