Did he want me to kiss him?

we used to hook up. we kept eying each other all night so I went to hug him and we got close he said he can't do this then I kissed his neck and he didn't stop me and he just said he can't do this cause he's back with his ex but then he would rub my back and then we kissed and he stopped after a min and again said he would love to but he can't but he continued to be close and show anger that he couldn't. did I make a fool of myself or did he want me to kiss him?


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  • he's sexually attracted to you but he wants to be with his ex so he was sexually frustrated and was choosing not to act on it. So basically he rejected you. He's back with his ex don't keep throwing yourself at him he's taken now.

    • he said he's kinda back with her. even though he rejected me he still kissed me back and showed a sign of interest. I'm confused cause I know he wanted it but also kinda acted against it. if he really wanted to be with his ex he wouldn't have let himself even get that close and would have walked out of the room.. right?

    • yes and on the other side of the coin, if he really wanted to be with you he would be...you made your interest in him known...at this point back off and if he is interested, in whatever, then he can come to you if you keep throwing yourself at him then you are making a fool of yourself. Do you just want a sexual relationship with this guy or do you want more than that?

    • just sexual I think