How do I get over this "what if" idea?

What I'm struggling over, is regretting how I never asked out this guy in my art class. I remember when we first met, he'd always wave hi to me despite barley ever speaking to me, which is something that I noticed he only did with me. He'd also wave bye to me at the end of each class, and would make it a point to do so. We had a lot of eye contact, and it was filled with soft looks and a feeling of such genuineness. He gave me butterflies and I always wanted to speak more with him, but I'd clam up and get flustered. If we made eye contact he'd hold it and softly smile at me.

It never went anywhere and I feel like because I never made a move, I missed out on something really amazing. Now I'm in high school, and I'm aware that more than half the time you don't end up with people you dated in high school. But with this guy, I just felt something there ya know, like I could tell we were similar, and we would've gotten along really well.

However, my current boyfriend came along, and since I had a class with him, it was easy to focus on him instead of the art guy, who I would have a class with the next semester. Don't get me wrong, I like my boyfriend a lot. This isn't a situation where I'm thinking "hmm should I cheat?" I can't imagine ever doing that to someone, and I don't constantly think about this other guy. This art guy only comes to my mind every once in a while, like I'm being hit with a wave of what ifs.

How do I get over this idea that this guy could have been one of the best friendships or relationships I've ever had? I would rather not be reminded of how I never shot my shot with this guy, especially now that I have a boyfriend who I like and I don't want to be that being about how it could've been with someone else when I'm already with somebody. How do I get over this feeling that I made a mistake and missed out on something?
How do I get over this "what if" idea?
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