He doesn't notice me, So how do I get noticed?

This guy used to like me. He is a few years older. we have kissed before and things were really good but then we started just not seeing each other a lot. We never dated or anything wish we did though. I still talk to him but I don't wanna be that anoying girl who just keeps talking to him. How do I get him to notice me again? Do I wear something really sexy? if so what? I'm like 5'2 115 lbs longish brown curly hair green eyes. or do I just give up and move on? I don't know if he still likes me been about a month or so last time we kissed =/ could use some advice


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  • Why are you so shy? you already kissed him. Go up and kiss him again... I would be flattered that some hot chic still digs me,lol... your young you live once there's plenty of guys out there...And you don't have to play anymore head games after that... Right? RIGHT ! so go kiss him and tell us what he did... go ahead we're waiting !

    • i can't kiss him in public beacause if his family or siblings I should say found out they would be pissed and I don't want them mad at him

    • Well take him aside maybe for a walk or somethingand ask what's up... most guys are stupid to pick up on womens hints so try harder if you want him to notice you... Really you don't have time to worry what other people want or like... Be aggresive

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  • I say keep talking to him but space it out. Like once a week. Do your best to find out what kind of guy he is (leg guy, boob guy, ect.) then play up those parts. Give him the chase you and if he doesn't, he's silly.

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