Was this the good thing to do?

i dated this guy and after 2 weeks of knowing each other, we kissed after being at the pool. He seemed interested but we stopped talking after that and I didn't like that. So today, I just decided to be straightforward and call him to ask him. He responded pretty weirdly and I said what I felt before and that I wanted to be clear with him. So he said that we didn't know each other well and that yea it was awkward . So I was like : yea its clear . Its good.

Now I feel better because I know but was that a good thing to do? Just being straightforward? I just find it weird that he would act interested and text me often and then just go.


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  • Yeah, communication's always a good thing. Being straightforward is a really good quality to have. So yes, it was a good thing to do. And sorry about the guy. Woooootguys is probably right about him - he probably just wanted a sort of fling. But at least you feel better now about it, now that you know what's going on. :)

    • yea its good now:) my friend forced me to do it cause I was too confused about it. So I'm moving onnn and no games :)

    • Okay that's good. :)


      And keep up the straightforwardness lol.

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  • Well he probs considered it just a wheeel .. he didn't want to go farthar with you but in order to get you to kiss him he had to act like he did. :)