Met him online, claim he's true but from what I saw he isn't?

What can I do about this? I met this guy on a dating site and we've been talking for almost a month now we even exchanged numbers. He seemed really kool. Real and down to earth but when I added him on facebook and he accepted I saw some things that changed the way I see him. Now he seems like a player and totally different. He's not the guy I met on line and he's not the guy that text me all the sweet messages. He's always telling me to be true to him but really he've been lying to me this whole time. What do I do now? How do I get rid of him without him making me the bad person?


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  • they are never who they say they are online that's why I don't do dating sites what you can do is block his number and block him on facebook that way you will get rid of him or you can tell him I your not what I was looking for and if he really is a player he won't care. best of luck to you

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