Question for chubby girls, would you date a fit guy in shape?

would you date a fit in shape guy? or too intimidated?

and if you would, would you agree for his help to get you in shape?


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  • Yes to first and third question.


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What Girls Said 1

  • i would, yes. but at the same time, I'm currently working on getting in shape myself, so I'd personally love to have someone to share that with.

    but with that being said, I wouldn't want to date someone whose goal was to get me in shape. getting in shape is MY decision and something that I want. I would want my partner to be with me regardless of my weight/size.


What Guys Said 1

  • How are you gonna be loving on her at night and then whipping her like a wild hog in the gym the next day? How are you going to be kissing on her watching a movie at 8pm. and slapping the swiss cake roll out of her hand at 10pm? That personal trainer/lover situation is a recipe for disaster son.