She's out of my league. Girl I like.. HELP!!

so I'm in 10th grade and I like this really hot girl in my grade. she's single but the problem is that she's out of my league... I'm pretty good looking (not to brag or anything) and I've texted her a little but she takes like 5min in responding and our convos are really short.. what should I do?


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  • How do you know this girl is out of your league? You're shooting yourself down before you've given yourself a chance! Stop that! You never know until you've tried asking her out.

    And there's nothing wrong with the texting. 5 minutes is actually pretty decent in terms of response times. And short conversations mean nothing. Texting is one of those things you can't over-analyze because there's always the chance that you're absolutely wrong. You can't see what the person is doing so you really don't know how they're feeling towards the texts. Never judge your chance with a girl based on texts. In fact, screw texting. Go TALK to this girl more. SHOW this girl that you like her. Ask her out if you're feelin' "the vibe". If you're uncomfortable with that at first, set up some sort of group date and find a chance for you two to do your own thing while the others are distracted with something else.


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  • Any other reason you think he except looks?

    Doesn't seem like you two talk enough for you to really like her.

    You're just really attracted to her.

    Guys a big tip for you like = attracted to


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