Spending time with boyfriend. need some opinions?

I feel for some reason that I’ve been such a burden to my man. We have been together all through quarantine and basically haven’t spent a night apart our whole relationship. We had a fight this weekend and he told me he felt emotionally drained from the fight. Today Memorial Day I decided to go home to give him some space. When I was leaving he said “why?” And I said “just to give you some space baby and let you relax” and he said “but I’ll probably just go to sleep and play games cause I’ll be lonely without yo and I said “well you said you were emotionally drained” and he said “I only said that cause of the fighting though” and I said “I’m just gonna let you have your alone time babe if u want me to come back later I’ll come back otherwise I’ll stay home” we kissed happily and left on good terms but like it was hard for me

I just don’t wanna lose him but like I feel like I wanna be around him more than he does. I’ve been in very abusive relationships and so I don’t know how to be in something healthy. I’m working in therapy on that and he is good to me but like he’s just not affectionate. We basically aren’t having sex and I’m holding these feelings to myself so that I don’t “emotionally drain” him

What is the right thing for me to do right now.

He said he doesn’t care if I stay home or stay with him he likes being around me and if I had it my way I’d be with him every night 🤷🏼‍♀️
Spending time with boyfriend. need some opinions?
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