Thoughts on "Red Pill" concept?

Red Pill concept is alpha fucks/beta bucks

what is said by this is a woman's sexual strategy is dualistic. they often have two different goals when dating. it's imported to understand which one is being pursued when she's flirting with a guy.

on the one hand she's biologically driven to secure the highest value male possible. evolution has crafted her to have sex with the highest value alpha male she can and ideally have his children.

however on the other hand she's also guided to secure a mate who's dependable someone who's like a good provider for her and her children. this phenomenon is known as beta bucks.

the red pill community always advises men to be conscious of whether or not the women they're dating. sees them as an alpha male with whom she'll have highly passionate sex with. or a beta male provider who will be less sexually exciting but more dependable in long term.
Thoughts on "Red Pill" concept?
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