He isn't answering my call or text. I'm a little confused?

I'm a little confused about this guy in my life. I'm willing to let it go but I want some clarification first.

Okay, so it all started with him telling me he had some feelings for me and he can see it being love in the future. With that I told him that I really like him and this led to us hanging out more and I stayed the night at his house (not for sex, he had been drinking and I didn't have my car), We made out that night and he tried to take it further but I didn't let him (because he was drunk).

After that he made plans with me to hang out again but forgot...Which is something he has done before and to a lot of people (reason an ex broke up with him). But he tried to make it up to me. He later got sick (nasty sick), so I only texted to see how he was doing.

Now I had invited him to something important (a concert) to me and he said how much he really wanted to go. During the weeks before the concert I would randomly bring it up and he would get what somewhat excited about going and talk about how good I was going to be. But he also told me to remind him the day before and the day of so he doesn't forget. I did that but he didn't come. I was pissed but I didn't call him telling him that. I just let him know that it sucked that he wasn't there.

The week of my concert my friends hacked my facebook and changed my relationship status to in a relationship...but didn't put a name with it. I know he saw this but now he has taken me off as a friend on facebook and I'm really not sure why.

Can anyone give me a reason for why he would do this...I really care about this guy but he isn't answering my call or text so I don't know if he is mad or what...

Please help!

This was suppose to in behavior...but whatever.


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  • Is he a stoner? It sounds like a real stoner behaviour, that he can't even keep the date of a concert in his head, and would need to be reminded the day before, and on the day itself.

    And then to still not show up?

    Even if stoned, that's asshole behaviour.

    He probably thought he had a shot with you, and was taking his sweet time getting around to doing anything about it. Then when he saw your FB status changed, thought "f***, I left it too late, or she was more pissed about the concert than she let on." After all, as you say, even an ex dumped him for that sh*t.

    By taking you off fb, he's essentially saying he wasn't interested in you as a friend. He may not be mad. He may be just disgusted with himself.

    • My friends changed my relationship status 3 days before the concert. And yes he is a stoner but he is also working two jobs right now. I agree that he is acting like an asshole but sh*t I still have feelings for him.

    • Well, I can't help you there. If you're attracted to loser assholes, that's your business. I think I explained his behavior clearly enough.

      I smoke weed myself, and drink, but I know how to manage my god-damned high, and I've never left a girl hanging dry because I didn't know what day of the week it was.

      This guy is a serious d***.

      Still, he thought he had a shot with you, wasn't interested in being friends with you, and you like him. So go find him and explain, and hook up.

    • Lol okay. Thank you

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  • Another "Facebook" bullsh*t case?

    Dude is leaving you alone because you supposedly have a man. K, we're done here.

    • What? What do you mean facebook bullsh*t? I haven't read anything else on here like this. I'm sure I'm not a man but whatever...Also it's stupid how the fact that I don't say who I am, everyone thinks I'm some weirdo guy. I'm a girl and been on this site for almost 5 months...

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    • Yeah but to be honest it's his only flaw. Having to remind him and him not show up pissed me off but I'll admit that I'm a pushover.

    • "His only flaw" is a pretty major one. Reality Check: His girlfriend LEFT him for it. Don't you think he probably didn't show up for a bit more than a Concert? Honestly if the guy has a track record of simply vanishing on you despite weeks of planning I'd say "f*** him." It's not like he brings a sh*tload to the table.

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  • You should clarify with him that your friends were playing a prank and that you are not dating anyone. If he doesn't believe you there isn't much you can do he may eventually come to realize the truth if he sees you around without anyone but who knows. You could let him know your still interested since he's avoiding text and calls if you can catch him in person that might be the best thing. I really didn't know friends could be that annoying gah glad mine don't do that I'd punch them in the face. Buts it a pretty safe bet that's why he backed off and he probably feels betrayed or like your playing games.

    • You're right. I'd be mad at my friends but they were trying to get us to make our relationship official. Thank you! I'll try and talk to him about it :)

    • Why show interest in a dude who forget her concert despite her giving him an ungodly amount of reminders and him not having the common f***ing sense to use an ancient tool: The Calendar?

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