Feel like my boyfriend and I aren't dating anymore?

Well we've been dating for 2 months now and were both 18. Whenever we hangout one on one he gives me attention but when were at school it doesn't feel like were dating at all. Like we go out for lunch sometimes while at school but he always just walks right by me when I'm at my locker and goes straight to his friends without even acknowledge me. Like sometimes but rarely he says something to me then goes to his friends but most of the time I feel like were mot dating. I've told him this before so I don't know what else to do. And like I do understand he wants to be with his friends and I'm fine with that but I just feel like he never acknowledge me :(


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  • If he won't acknowledge you in public, you shouldn't acknowledge him in private.

    • I could try that sometime but he would probably ask me what's the matter how can I explain to him? What should I say?

    • Just tell him that ignoring you in public is unacceptable behavior. And then leave, don't hang out with him. Don't even argue with him about it. Either he'll start being with you publicly, or he won't. Your relationship may be over, but if it were me, I wouldn't put up with that crap.

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  • Do his freinds know you are together?

    • Yeah they do sometimes I go over and hangout with my boyfriend and his friends in the hall but he doesn't really talk to me much then... He only talks to his friends... Rarely looks at me too. And he is the one who said that I could come over to him while he was with his friends.. He told me that when I said that I feel that I don't get enough attention

    • It sounds like he's just shy and still awkward around you.

    • Like he's fine with me one on one and gives me more attention then but then its totally different at school :/

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