Attachment Issues - Is he scared?

Is it possible for a guy to constantly make excuses that result in an avoidance of hanging out because they might be too afraid to get attached?

A friend of mine suggested this after I explained my current situation to her. In a nutshell, started seeing a guy about 6 months ago. Things started out nicely. We'd talk from time to time and hang out once a week or so. We started fooling around immediately and knew our chemistry was insane. A few months in we started having sex and the chemistry b/t us was even hotter. He would constantly tell me how good it was but also indicate several times how I was so great/amazing inside and out (I'm very down to earth, compassionate, smart an funny). After about 4 months of steady hooking up he started acting differently and has made excuses not to hang out w me. I of course think another girl and back off immediately. He still calls me yet still makes excuses to hang out. He recently got laid off and said its really gotten him down. I totally understand and backed off. Is it possible he likes me too much and realizes we have potential for something and he's just scared because he can't pursue at the moment (we're both coming out of divorces).


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  • could be he wants his ex back? Could be a lot of things. Get your answer straight from the horses mouth.

    • didnt think of that - the bastard lol

      thx for the insight, makes a lot of sense

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