Is she interested in me?

This girl and I are talking on Instagram and the convo went like this:

Her: Hey, how are you?

me: I’m great, yourself

her: wooow you good! Well I don't know I’m alone now and it kinda sucks, but got loads of college work

me: are you from around New York?

her: yes... do you live with ur family by the way? I think we talked about it but I’m a bit of a dory.

me: I am taking care of them for now and hoping to move out soon. Let’s go chill in the park sometime. It would be great to meet you.

her: yes we can do that :) haha and the brunch that never happened 🤫

Her: I’ll have to go to New Jersey, so we’ll see when

Does she like me?
Is she interested in me?
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