What do I do abut her? And I can't confront her....

It's my mom. I feel that she puts my oldest brother ahead of me and my sister. She does everything for him and we have to wait. For example just now she had to take out my school uniform out of the washer to wash my brothers clothes and I'm like come on! I have to wear that tomorrow and he's not even home he's in college in his apartment sleeping or studying or whatever. and she also always pits herself above us and above some of my friends. Like for example, one time she shouted at me because I wanted something that wasn't for school and getting it made her late for her gym class. And as for my friends, they do nothing morally wrong or well nothing wrong at all. Just because were all a bit loud that means they are inappropriate for me to hang out with. And also she says that she doesn't like my best friend because of her clothes. Like come on! She also says that she doesn't wan me and my sister date before graduation because it is beneath out level or something. Like it would make is whores or sluts to do that. I just want her to understand that not everything is about her and my brother, that we need attention too . I can't confront her because it would be disrespectful and disrespecting your parents especially the mother is totally And morally wrong in my religion. We even have this saying " your mother your mother your mother then you father" just to say that our mother is the best thing in our lives. And she is but I can't talk to her. She would never take me seriously; nobody ever does. I don't know what to do ... :'(


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  • I don't know what you can do. You know that you can't "control" your mom.

    Your at a very very tough age. She wants you to be her little girl forever, that's why the silly dating rule & she makes up anything to not like your friends.

    For now all you can do is think to yourself "like what?"

    Don't make a fuss just put your clothes in the washer next & go about your business. Meet with your friends at their houses.

    I honestly do understand because my mother didn't like the way my 1st girlfriend walked, cut her meat (like you said SAY WHAT) or how tall she was. Things got to the point where I no longer talk to my mother. For your sake I hope you can roll with the punches better then I did & it doesn't come to not talking.

    • Well thanks I really appreciate the help. And I would never stop speaking to my mother

      I would never be able to.

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