Ladies what would you think if your guy did this to you?

My girl and I were talking tonight and she was telling me how she told one of her friends about the first time I picked her up by her ass and started kissing her. I was just wondering what you ladies would think if your guy did this to you? She says she likes it (I do it from time to time lol) which I believe but that's all she would say about it. So give me what might be going through her head about that issue ladies please :)


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  • Well, if it's not all the time, it's rather radtastic and enjoyable. It spices things up. (: Keep doing it, I say. If she complains, back off though.


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  • My boyfriend does that sometimes haha, I have no complaints & your girlfriend obviously doesn't either.

    • lol I knew that. Is it just a ehh thing. Like it's OK but it doesn't really make you think anything either? She said I am the first guy to do that to her.

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