How many of you here have never been on a date? Been in a relationship?

It's a poll question.

See below for definitions of 'date' and 'relationship' for use in this poll.

Recently I went out on a date with this girl, age 19, and she said she had never been on a date.. ever. And then I read some stuff here on GAG with people in the 18-24 never having been a relationship. So I'm curious what the actual statistics are... I theorize that this newer generation born in the 90's are as a whole de-emphasizing dating and relationships in terms of how important it is in their life. It's just a trend that I see.

Please answer honestly, this is for science! (sort of) lol

Go anon if you have to, no judgement.

For this poll we will classify:

***Being on a Date = A girl and guy getting together at a pre-determined time and place, having consensually agreed to see each other to evaluate the possibility of getting into a love relationship. Note that a date is NOT hanging out with your friends causally and you and some girl/guy start flirting. The time during that flirting when you make that time & place 'date'... when you actually do THAT date, it is classified as a date.

And just for the heck of it lets see how many have actually been in a relationship. And for the purposes of this poll we will definite that as:

***Being in a Relationship = A period of time in which a guy and a girl refer to each other as 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' when talking about their partner to someone else, or, you engage in affectionate behavior and/or intimacy with one another, or, when asked if you are 'seeing someone' or if you are 'single', you say they are 'taken' or 'in a relationship' (your partner must be doing the same things mentioned)

  • Yes, I have been on a date, and yes I have been in a relationship
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  • Yes, I have been on a date, but have never been in a relationship
    Vote B
  • No, I have not been on a date, and have never been in a relationship
    Vote C
  • No I have not been on a date, but I have been in a relationship
    Vote D
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UPDATE: I have no strong feelings whatsoever in terms of whether have or had not had a relationship or a date, it's fine either way in my opinion, everyone's different.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I have a feeling it's not that it's we're not putting much emphasis on it. I think a lot of our generation for some reason is lacking confidence to start something. That goes for both ways. I'm not basing that on this site either. I can even tell some of my friends aren't trying anymore either.

    • Ah good point, that could definitely be it

    • I also think the internet can be a cause on it. We have the media reflection what's attractive and online is a giant "Oh blank looks so pretty" and stuff like that on Facebook while you have nothing and it causes you to think worse of yourself. Basically I don't think technology helps like it really should. Sure you can meet someone on a site like this and they seem perfect for you, but they end up half way across the country or the world.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I've been on one date in my 19 years and no relationships.

  • there are probably more guys out there who have always been single than there are girls who have always been single

    • Why do you think that?

    • well I believe in the statement that 20 percent of guys get 80 percent of the girls, and since obviously guys have to initiate, that makes a lot of guys prone to making mistakes, and making them face rejection, meanwhile girls just have to do the rejecting instead of receiving it

What Guys Said 3

  • I don't think I've ever really been on a "Date" then but I've been in a relationship >.> lol. Figure that one out.

    Basically I become friends with girls and eventually it grows to more. We just hang out like friends so I guess those could be considered our "dates" but I dunno. And then after that we just continue being friendly and whatnot going out to stuff with each other, but doing more in the relationship sense and exclusively and putting each other first.

    You know, the way it should be imo >.>

  • i've been on dates but never a relationship

  • Voted C because I chose not to date in high school.

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