Texting help! How often? How to start?

I'm not sure how often to text a girl I'm interested in. Not only that but I'm not sure what to text her when I don't have something specific to say to her. I could send her random flirty texts, sure, but I don't know if that would be appropriate since I don't know what her level of interest is in me yet?

Is it weird if I text her daily? Is that too often?

I've only had her number for 4 days, which she gave me I didn't have to ask her. First day I texted her first, then not at all the next day. The last two days she's texted me first.

I don't want to push to hard. Help me out!

We also chat online almost every evening and have for like 5 weeks or something. I feel I bit weird texting her to ask how she's doing because I'm so used to catching up with her in the evenings anyway. I'm a lot more comfortable IMing than texting! But I want her to know that I think about her not just when she's around either in person or online.


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  • Just text her when you feel the urge.We like unpredictability,sometimes you can even call/send a smiley out of the blues.

    • Thanks. Unpredictability sounds good.

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  • Well you could text her maybe once/twice a week to start off saying 'hey, how are you' or 'hey wuu2' etc just casual stuff like that, maybe you could ask her if her friends and her want to go see a movie with you and some of your mates? Wait to see how she responds, if she responds within an hour or two and she asks questions about what your doing and seems interested then she clearly doesn't think you're weird for texting her. Also after you talk to her, wait for her to text you first the next time but then again she might be waiting for you :// You just have to see how well the conversation goes to decide what to text her about :) And in the beginning, texting daily is slightly weird, unless you guys hit off right away, which in that case it wouldn't (sorry that's not really helpful :s)

    • Thanks. Some good advice there I think. :-)

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  • Once a day, everyday, around 8AM plus any responses. Always be the last guy except in goodbye.

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