Need help in general?

I’m 34, never dated, had a girlfriend, never kissed, never had sex, I don’t have a college degree since my family didn’t believe in my future. My family is on my case more and more and as an only child there’s no one else for them to bother. There’s a twenty year gap, so all of our current event level stuff they don’t understand as much, since most of them remember no swearing on early tv, black and white, etc... how am I supposed to make my family happy and myself when I’m still at home, no career, friends are all married. I’ve heard reasons why women don’t want to date some have been...
I’m too old, I don’t have a house, they’re busy, I’m not muscular enough, I’m just a 8/10, they are only screwing around with me (I have autism, they get off on my weakness) I’ve had items stolen from me.
Thought I could wait and now there’s no one who I’m attracted to that wants to share in all the things that couples do when they date. I’m worried that no one wants to make memories with me, start a family, etc... soon I’m worried that my extended family is going to quit talking to me since some are even starting to doubt I’m straight (wtf). I’m damned if I do, and damned if I don’t. I feel better getting told I’m not good enough for careers I apply for and it’s annoying because I know that I am. What should I do, I’ve never had any success, I’ve been on tinder since 2014 and I get no likes, I just want to give up but I can’t. A few years ago I tried asking my one friend if she wanted to get married, but she quit talking to me, emailed a picture with a ring that looked like it belonged in a museum. And for awhile she was also making fun of me. I thought I knew her well enough, but I’m worried I’ll never be good enough. Everything is just worthless, I’ll never find someone that’s my type and at my age I’m done trying to find someone in their 30s, women get much angrier after 30, borderline toxic. For my own safety, I’ll never date them.
Need help in general?
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