I don't see how I can continue to go out with someone who doesn't say anything on a date or dinner...right?

My girlfriend when we first started dating would come over and we'd hookup a lot which was great. I thought it was weird though that she seemed to want to stay in and never go to dinner or out or anything even in the beginning which is usually the time you get to talk and connect with someone. So I pushed the issue and we would go out and she would really try to sit next to me at all times. The few occasions she would sit across from me, I got a really awkward feeling, she would not talk at all, barely look at me or interact at all. This has been going on a while, and maybe she has a problem, but I don't see how I can continue to go out with someone who doesn't say anything on a date or dinner...right? I'm confused.


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  • You're right. If she doesn't say much or seem to have fun when you two are together it can get boring and eventually you'll want to dump her.

    Maybe the hookup is a lot of fun you forgot about personality?

    • Yea that's just the thing. I'll be sitting their and she doesn't say anything so I feel bored as hell. We don't share ideas, she doesn't ask me about my day, and only talks about the actual "relationship". I try having deep conversations with her but its almost like she doesn't want to. Also unless I really try to strike up some convo she will just sit there in silence. I feel screwed becuase she is super hot and sexy, but I know we are not connecting much.

    • Sucks huh? Well its cool that she's hot though but I don't think her personality is that great, kinna boring actually.

      Talk about the relationship, what?!?

      If you're a "good" guy you'd dump her and not lead her on but I know that's hard because she's hot and all. You'll do it eventually anyways but if you do it soon maybe she's want to be friends-with-benefit? hee hee

    • Yea, I always figured personality would just be a given and I would focus on the hot part. Yea she just talks about were we are in the relationship and where its going, if she's wasting her time, are we moving in ...etc. Like zero small talk. Its hard though cause I go out and I feel like a celebrity with all the people sweating me while I walk with her looking like a goddess. But your saying at some point the boredom will take over and I'll have to break up with her.

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