Do you think my crush likes me back?


I am what is called a tomboy, one of the guys, and the girl who doesn't hang out with much girls.
My crush let's call him S and I are all apart of a friend group where the majority of people a guys (basically everyone besides me)
S and I talk about flirtatious things (or what I would say is flirtatious) like sex or sexual jokes. Like today we were talking about having sex for the first time, the conversation went to PG to MA real fast and we ended up talking about what dick sizes I'd want: he took the measurements I have him and measured them against his other hand with his fingers apart. When I asked what he was comparing to he chuckled and said "Don't mind me"

We talk, text (but not very good texts, he's kinda terrible at texting)
We've gotten a little more closer but don't know each other too well. I really like him but I don't want to go up to him and ask him out and ruin a friendship.

by the way: we've known each other for about 5/6 months.
Do you think my crush likes me back?
1 y
We texted like once, but did a 5 hour video chat on discord with 2 other people and played some video games together
Do you think my crush likes me back?
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