Should I kiss him or wait?

Ok so my boyfriend and I have been dating for bout 4 months, we haven't kissed yet but everyone keeps putting pressure on us and they keep telling us to just do it because it has been a long time. Even some of my friends tell me to just brake up with him because he hasn't kissed me yet and he doesn't show a lot of affection for me. He and I have actually talked about the subject, and He's always saying that he wants to kiss me so badly, but that he wanted it to be in private. He recently told met hat he is "terrified" of kissing me because he's afraid I won't like his kiss. It is he's first kiss by the way and he EXTREMELY SHY. So I don't know if I should kiss him or just let him kiss me?


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  • First of all those people who are putting pressure on you guys only want to see the action, i.e. kissing. If they cared about how you feel, they’d actually encourage you to kiss him, when the time is right for both you and your partner, but in saying that if it has been 4 months down the track it’s kind of strange you guys haven’t kissed yet. But it is his first kiss, so make it special for him.

    It’s normal to feel the way he is feeling (shy), I mean I never kissed a boy either and I might be shy about it. I’d normally say wait until he is comfortable and ready for his first kiss with you, but it has been a long time so, you guys need to discuss with each other. Maybe it might be better if you leaned in for a kiss first; maybe he might be a bit relaxed. Discuss it with him first and ask him if you should make the first move (meaning you question asker) and if he’d be a bit relaxed about it. Make him aware a kiss is a kiss, what’s not like to about a kiss. You guys need to open up more in the topic, and find a way to make him feel more relaxed about it. In the end the only advice best advice you will receive if you and your partner sit down and find a solution together.

    The only thing I can advise you, is to, lean in for a kiss (somewhere private as he wants), but lean in slowly, so it gives him time to decide whether he wants his first kiss right then and there. If he doesn’t back away, kiss him once, stop and ask him how it felt. If he says something like, amazing or whatever lean in for more. If he stops you before you can kiss him, find a solution together. The key is “communicating”.

    Hope that somewhat helped you.

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