How to stop caring about getting ditched? is this guy even worth it?

this guy and I have been going back and forth to hang out.. we live 15 minutes away by taking the highway. He says he likes me. He doesn't have a car for a while, and took the bus down once to hang out and said he would do it again today so we can hang out. but now he says he doesn't want to. I want to see him because I do have feelings for him. and I don't want to care that he's ditching me, just because he doesn't want to take a 30 minute bus ride all of a sudden. so is this guy even worth it, if we see each other like once a week... and the only time we can both hang out, he desides he doesn't want to make the effort?


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  • Keep your options open and stay busy. This 1 guy shouldn't be the center of your world. Get to know new people, hang out with your friends, work, do your hobbies just have a full life with or without him and you will care less. If a guy doesn't make the effort don't make excuses for him