Is it a bad idea to make out with my best friend?

My best friend and I have always had an off and on friendship/liking each other phase. I think it just come down to this, maybe we just need to make out. We've dated once, almost twice and broken up and been friends perfectly fine.. I know that I just want to make out with him and I'm pretty sure he wants to make out with me, but we are BOTH hardcore resisting because we aren't sure what it will do to our friendship. Thoughts? (Yes, we totally dated twice and never kissed.)


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  • Better make sure you're on the same page cause if you aren't, can we say crash and burn? This is just my personal view on the matter, but when it comes to really good girl friends, either I have no desire to get with them in any way shape or form...or I want the whole thing, relationship and all. There's no in-between when it comes to close friends. I wouldn't hook up with a friend. I can do the same thing with somebody I barely know and not lose a good friend when all is said and done (or at the very least, have things be awkward.)

    So yeah, if you make out with him and he DOES like you and DOES want more, you'll be dealing with some drama for sure.

    • wow that's intense. hm. how to put this simply. last summer, he wanted to just make out with me with 0 strings attached. I didn't want to because I thought it might hurt our friendship/I don't make out with friends. I also kind of liked him. He found out, thought liked me, then decided he didn't. Maybe he's just one of those strange guys that falls in the middle of your categories? I don't know, maybe it's a bad idea?

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  • If you start dating and then fall out, this "friendship" will not be the same.

    Just weight the odds, if he likes you a whole lot and you like him A LOT too then suggest that you two start dating, then make out with him.

    I think he's probably checking out other girls too so he doesn't want to totally rule out other girls BUT at the same time probably likes you too.

    • oh I don't think we like each other, at least not anymore. I'm not looking to date him haha. JUST to make out with him. I think we both realize that our feelings are completely and totally physical. I know... horrible isn't it? I don't think we could ever marry, so why date him. so why not just make out!? idk, it's just a thought!

    • Then totally do it :)

      Just don't want more later :)

    • hahaha yeah that might be hard but we shall see!