How can you tell through text?

Posted a similar question before but it didn't get much response so let me try a differnet approach. Boy and girl met online about a year ago. They've never met each other in person but are very comfortable telling each other anything and have told many very personal things. Boy likes girl, very much, but isn't sure if girl thinks of him the same way.

Does anybody have an analysis of a situation like this? I'm basically asking how I can tell if she likes me back or if she just thinks of me as a person who she can open up to.


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  • oh man, I know of a VERY similar situation. and if it's been a year shouldn't you know by now? like you should've been able to tell by now if she's interested. yes I think that by texting you can get a general idea of someone's personality, but you have to remember people lie, especially if it's not face-to-face interaction, oOoOor sometimes people don't care what they say online/ texts and take it as a game. I don't know man just saying, but other than that yeah it is possible to know a person that way but it's just not like witnessing the real thing you know? talking to them in person, observing their expressions, seeing them in the moment, etc. you could probly tell by, well the way I think you could tell is if she talks to you a lot, does she look for you? does she make contact first? because she's been talking to you for a year right? that's something.

    do you guys talk on the phone too? actual conversations, not texting. why haven't you guys met? and most important, how come after a year you haven't told her how you feel. I know you must be scared of rejection and feeling stupid, and even possibly ruining what you have, I';m like that too but sometimes I'm like "screw it. I just have to put it out there, and then they can deal with it, they can take it or leave, make w/e they want of it" you know what I mean, I can't really explain my self any better.


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  • Just don't mind that guy's comment.

    If she has been answering your texts or emails for such a long time. 1 year is quite long. It means she is sparing a lot of her precious time getting in touch with you. If you are not interested in someone would you also spend time talking to her and answering her messages? ( answer this as well, I want to know =) )

    She likes you back. If she is not interested anymore and tired of you, she can easily ignore you if she wants to.

    I'm not really into meeting people online, but in reality there are nice people out there. I have also met a lot of people meeting the love of their lives here. You just have to choose who these people are, you can actually know them by the way they write.

    Well, it all depends.


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  • think about what you just said

    do you really like this person . its over the internet

    your taking the internet wayyy to serious

    the internet is met to help you.

    like this site.

    • Been a year bud, personality can be found through text and I find myself being attracted to her personality (and before you ask, yes, I do know what she looks like).

      I've seen some much more rediculous things posted on here and never seen anybody tell the asker to think about what they just said.

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    • Then I think you're taking things a little too seriously.

      Maybe I'm wording this question wrong and thank you for bringing that possibity to my attention, but you didn't have to be such an ass about it.

    • I'm lmao! "coolguy" you're hilarious! but yeah, didn't have to be that much of a jerk, no offense