OMG !! WHAT IS GOING ON !!?? He didn't text me back. my boyfriend called me while I was at musical practice.n I told him id call him later. so I called him when I was on my way bck into town.n told him tht id txt him when I got I txtd him at 8:22pm.n he didn't is 10:48pm.n still no answer.n he's usually up all hours of the nite because him and his best friend live next ME !


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  • don't panic - it's only been a few hours.

    don't rely on texts - they're notoriously fallible. he might not have his phone, the phone might be out of credit, he might have the phone on silent & not have heard it (if he's at a friend's place watching tv or video games or something these are all quite feasible)

    or he might have crashed early for the night & won't know anything until tomorrow morning.

    if you're desperate to contact him now, try actually phoning (not text) or call a different number (does he have a land line?)

    • Ya I tried calling him at least 5times now..he hasn't answered. he doesn't have a home fone..n he's not into video games or tv..more like he's not a bad guy he just makes bad decisions..its just I don't know what he's doing you no..i get jealous really

    • Relax & find out tomorrow what was going on. jealousy is a real waste of energy - especially if you've no evidence to go on.

    • U no what..thnx..u make a lot of since !! and I really mean it..i'll just find out and the morning..u shuld b like my everyday thnx..

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  • best case scenario: he's slping

    worst case scenario:he's dead(which is next to impossible)

    cmon.dun get so frustrated over him.jus calm down.chill

  • Umm. chill out and find out tomorrow.


    oh and learn to type.

  • uhh why not CALL him?

    • I already tried calling him 5times..

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    • No it doesnt...n I'm worried about him..cnt you see tht girls don't like it when guys do tht kind of stuff..they hate it..u obviously don't care..but oh well..a lot of guys do..n I no he cares about what I think about it because he's told me so..but still 3hours..hes even had most of the day to because I wasnt w/him..n now I want him to come over because I'm home alone..n he's not answering me..did I mention tht wer 13 and 14yrs. old !!

    • Well that little monkey shouldnt be smoking weed if he's younger than 18. he's gonna burn his little brain

      and yah I know your like 12 or something cause of ur picture

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  • It has only been two hours- you need to chill, seriously.

    You need to be more secure in your relationship. He wasn't mad at you before, and now he may be busy. Or maybe his phone died, maybe he is out and left it in the car or whatever.

    Don't worry unless it has been over a day or two.

    And don't keep texting or calling him- it will only piss him off.

  • link

    go read that article. I did this with the guy I'm dating for a month and a half before I realized I had to quit because I was making myself crazy. id time out our texts and id know exactly when I sent a text to him and what not and if he didn't reply within the longest amount of time he had ever taken to respond id start FREAKING out! I have learned to chill and understand that just because I texted him and now he's in my mind that it doesn't mean he's not busy or sleeping or his phone is dead and he hasn't looked at his phone. just calm down. he's not ignoring you on purpose just chill out or else your going to freak out all the time and eventually he is going to realize because you will drive yourself insane. I am 20 my parents pay my phone bill tho and recently took my texting away because I wrecked my car in july texting someone so my mom finally figured out how to "block" texting. and just to let you know that my life has been so much less stressful because I have not had to remember that he wasn't ignoring me if he did not text me back immediately or text me first or anything haha and he and I are doing better than ever and have gotten so much closer! it has relaxed me so much more with him. I hope that article helps its pretty funny because its sooo true with all girls no matter the age. we all need to learn to chill out and be confident in our relationships

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