Okay, so this guy just gave me his number?

okay so this guy just gave me his number, and I am really interested in him. We didn't really talk that much, but kept making eye contact. How long should I wait to call or text him? and if I should text him, what should I say? pleasee help.

well I texted him, and he called me back. Thanks everyone.


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  • i would prob wait till he texted me first. if he won't text first (cuz he's prob thinking the same thing) then I would text him maybe after or a day or haha a few hours

    • He doesn't have my numberrr!! otherwise I would have waiteddd

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    • Thanks, but new problem arised, I texted him, but he hasn't text back ?

    • Well it is 4 in the morning lol. maybe he's asleep

  • if he doesn't have your nunber & gave you his obviously that means he wants you to text him! so do it & then he will have yours! thennnn. wait till he texts you after he has yours.

    hopefully if you guys talk by text then maybe the eye contact will change into hugs & maybe even more.