First time hanging out with her, help me decipher the girl code lol?

so me and this girl were hanging out in my room watching some episodes of lost while she was sorta doing homework. we talked quite a bit and as far as I can tell it went well. we both laughed quite a bit and as far as I can tell we seemed comftorable with each other. after the show was over (about two hours of hanging out) she went back to her dorm (were in college). I said we should hang out and she said "yeah we should, I'm pretty much free just let me know" or something to that effect. we didn't break the touch barrier though.

so overall I think it went well. what do you guys/girls think? is there hope for a relationship there?

thanks all!


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  • I'd say so. She wouldn't have agreed to hang out again if she wasn't really into it.. she'd likely come up with an excuse if she thought it didn't go too well. Even if I'm really feeling a guy, and he says we should go out/hang out again, I tell him to give me a call to set something up just to see if he's serious about it, and if he has the same feelings toward it that I do. If he doesn't call, I assume he wasn't that into me, and if he does.. well I don't feel so awkward calling him and asking him to do stuff haha.


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  • A hope for a relationship would be letting her know you like her and instead of hanging out asking her out on a date.

    Seems like this is more of a friend thing.

    • how can I turn it from a friend thing to a romantic thing

    • By letting her know you're attracted to her.

      Right now she doesn't know of any attraction so she can't see you in a romantic way.

      Flirt, touch her, stay close, then ask her out.

  • I think there's always a possibility; usually, if a girl moves slowly, it's because she wants your respect. If you treat her well, then anything is possible!

    Good luck,



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  • My first impression would be that you are in the friend zone, but you never know, still having a girl in your room and not touching her is pretty nice guy behaviour

    • that was a pretty quick friend zone placement. how can I make it a romantic thing then?

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    • ill pass, I really like this one so ill try again. thanks though

    • all the best, hope it works out but at least walk away with the lesson, I remember doing all the same stuff even sleeping right next to a drunk girl after a party and not doing anything