Dating and Relationships: Fine Line or Big Difference?

Basically I've been hanging out with this girl (movies/dinner/parties/etc...). And the other day I finally told her that I really liked her and liked spending time and talking with her. She responded by saying she liked me and enjoyed spending time and talking with me too but that she wasn't ready for a relationship right now. Ever since then things have kinda cooled off. No more spending every night together curled up in bed or couch watching a movie. But she still says she wants to hang out when we are both free and have time.

Basically. I wasn't suggesting we start a relationship but that I liked "dating" her. I'm not sure she saw it the same way and maybe felt like I was pressuring her into getting into a relationship with me which after knowing her past I would never do until she was ready.

As far as my question goes just check out the topic, and maybe comment on my situation above if you'd like.


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  • She doesn't like you as a boyfriend. You should move on to another girl.


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