Is it true that women find a man attractive as either a long-term mate or a short-term mate, but not for both?

I am very curious if the women here can confirm the following:
I have read a study that says that women are attracted to other qualities in a short-term mate (an One night stand or a short affair) than in a long-term mate:

According to the study it is simply put like this:

- With a long-term mate, the "provider" type is preferred. Therefore, characteristics such as: loving, caring, faithful, purposeful, reliable, fond of children, intelligent, conscientious, ambitious etc. are perceived as attractive. (Rather the type the woman wants to marry but would not choose for an One night stand because she is more emotional and not that much sexually attracted to him)

- With a short-term partner, more "masculine" types are preferred. According to the study, "masculine" for women is, among other things, a relatively high testosterone level, which can be seen in: angular jaws, a more dominant appearance, a deeper voice, a stronger beard growth, a more muscular body, etc. (Most women find this type of man sexually attractive and therefore choose him as their One night stand)

It is interesting to note that these characteristics, which indicate high testosterone levels, are considered as unattractive by women for a long-term relationship, as men with high testosterone levels are more likely to cheat or leave the woman and not be as caring.
As a man, you therefore have to decide whether you would rather be attractive as a short-term mate or as a long-term partner. As far as you can control that at all.
Now my question to women: can you agree to the study? or is it possible to be attractive for both (short and longterm)? Do you personally know men you would consider for both?
The study is true
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The study is bullshit
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The study has a true core, but there are exceptions. I met men in my personal life (so not talking about a Hollywood star or similar) whom I would immediately choose for an One night stand, but with whom I could also well imagine a long-term relationship.
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something else
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Is it true that women find a man attractive as either a long-term mate or a short-term mate, but not for both?
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