Too awkward for a first ''date''?

There's this girl I like and I need your help.

Tomorrow will be the last time I see her before next Tuesday, and I'm planning to ask her to come with me to this hockey game in Montreal (playoff tickets are almost impossible to get). I know she likes hockey, and I was wondering if a ''date'' at an avenue with 21000 people is too awkward?

I'm planning to do this because we've talked a lot more the last month and a half, and as much as sometimes I'm sure she likes me, other times I have doubt, and I prefer to live a few days or weeks in a sorrow than to live the rest of my life with regrets about her...

I might need to add that I'm shy and that I've always kept my feelings towards girls inside but she just really fills my day with joy every time I talk to her, either at school, MSN, or texts, and I can't imagine living another day not knowing for sure if she's interested or not for sure...


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  • I know plenty of people who go to sporting games for first dates. And that sounds like it's going to be an amazing time! It'd be a different story if you two barely have ever talked and don't know much about each other, because then a more quiet setting to really get to know each other would be better, but it sounds like you to have talked a fair amount. Like you said, worst case scenario is that you two don't have a great time, but I can't imagine that happening! Good luck you two will have a great time :)

    • Thanks!

      However, if she does say yes, I'm concerned about the return where we'll be stuck for like an hour and a half in the jam. As much as I'm sure we'll have fun, as much as I'm scared we'll reach a point when there's nothing left to say and the awkward radio is the only sound in the car...

    • Don't worry about that! It's only awkward if you think about it too much. You guys won't be talking the whole time, of course not. Its the first date! It takes awhile for peole to warm up. You'll be fine :)

    • Thanks a lot! It's really appreciated

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  • Hey I would see if you can find reader's digest books, they have good jokes in them.


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  • I think this could work well for a date. One nice thing is that it gives you opportunities to touch her (high-fiving, grabbing her arm, hugging, etc.) so you can do that throughout the game and guage her reaction. Good luck.

    • Yeah, now that you say it, it's good to have action on the ice to enjoy a show and regular stoppage to talk about anything else.

    • Yeah--great date to test the chemistry. And there'll be plenty to talk about too. Good and interactive.

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