How to get over a dissapointing engagement proposal?

Me and my now fiancé got engaged a few months back. I walked into the flat with an isle of candles and roses on the table with the ring in the middle. We hugged and enjoyed the moment. - then my partner picked up the ring and asked me if I wanted to take photos, I said no after. He then proceeded to take the ring out of the box bringing it closer to my hand, I said nooo you need to get on one knee first. And so he did. He got on one knee and asked me ‘are you ready? ‘ I said ready for what... he said to be my wife. That was that. We both hugged and told our families. As you can see this proposal didn’t go exactly how I wanted and I can’t help feeling dissapointed even though he’s a great guy! He said the reason for all of this was because he was so excited and nervous and happy, he forgot his ‘plan’ for the moment. He promises me that although in that moment he was going to put the ring on my finger, he would of straight away realised ‘oh shit I need to get down on one knee and ask her will you marry me’ Lol, this is all well and good but it didn’t happen like that and makes me wonder! Am I being stupid to feel dissapointed...
How to get over a dissapointing engagement proposal?
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