Is this considered cheating?

So I've been dating this guy for six months now however we are not boyfriend and girlfriend even though we are not currently seeing other people. In another hand we are currently in different countries due to travel restrictions I haven't got the chance to return and it's been four months not seeing each other, we still talk to each other regularly and he keeps sending me sweet messages and when I'm back we agreed that we will still be together no matter what. I never asked if he's seeing other people during this time. I'm a bit confused because my long term friends with benefits started talking with me again and he really wants meet I would like to meet him too but that hasn't happened because I feel like I'm cheating on another person. What should I do? Should I meet my friends with benefits and eventually get involved with him again and then pretend that nothing happened during the time I've been away from the guy I've been dating? I'm really confused.
Is this considered cheating?
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